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Residues of complex mixtures
Residues of complex organic mixtures are often produced in biotechnological production processes. The cleaning of fermenters and production equipment is therefore a particularly difficult task. Proteins, for example, are especially critical and undesirable because their presence can lead to cross-contamination. And any cleaner residues can also interfere with cell growth.
Wide application spectrum
In the technical centre at Borer Chemie AG, we develop and optimize aqueous cleaning processes. Tailor-made individual solutions take into consideration both the specific residues and the substrate to be cleaned.

The proposed processes are ideally suited for

  • manual cleaning
  • semi-automatic cleaning processes
  • automatic processes in washers or
  • fully automatic cleaning processes with CIP systems

The focus is on efficient and economical cleaning processes. Also contact us for any further question about cleaning validation. 

Product data sheets

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