Production of API

Stubborn residues
A wide variety of organic chemical residues occur during the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. In many cases, an efficient aqueous cleaning process can be used to remove such residues instead of the costly dissolution of such residues in organic solvents. This is also an important contribution to workplace health and safety.

Your advantage - our core competence
The specialists at Borer Chemie AG adapt the development and optimization of your cleaning process specifically to the equipment used and the properties of the residues. ou benefit from optimum cleaning processes, leading to residue-free surfaces and increased productivity through less downtime.

The most important are

  • manual cleaning with or without mechanical assistance
  • semiautomatic cleaning processes
  • automatic processes in washers
  • fully automatic cleaning processes with integrated CIP systems

Cleaning validation?
Contact us for further information about cleaning validation! Prove the absence of possible cleaner residues by using our specific and validated analytical methods.

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