Passivation – corrosion protection for surfaces

Build up or renew the natural passivated film on stainless steel surfaces.

Newly installed production equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and passivated before being put into service. Our treatment method effectively removes residues from production and the installation of new production equipment.

Depending on how intensively your process equipment is used, we recommend that you perform surface re-passivation at regular intervals.

Regular passivation ensures that the surfaces of your equipment remain in a stipulated condition. It also prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of long production downtime for major maintenance work.

The process offered by Borer Chemie AG is ideal for the spray passivation of stainless steel using existing CIP systems or automated cleaners, for example.

Tests have shown that our process is much more effective than traditional passivation methods using nitric acid, citric acid, complexing agents and electrolytic polishing.

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