deconex® CLEAN – Don’t leave anything to chance in GMP cleaning

Residue-free cleaning throughout the life cycle of a medicinal product?
The latest regulations require extensive process knowledge. With our expertise and specially tailored recommendations for each customer, we ensure individually optimised cleaning processes.

Our experience is based on validated cleaning processes in the pharma industry. As a pioneer in residue-free cleaning of laboratory glassware, we understand the challenges and are offering you an outstanding solution for even the toughest residues.

Your process solution – deconex® CLEAN

Provides you with everything in one:
With deconex® CLEAN, we are offering you a comprehensive cleaning study tailored specially to you. This takes into account a holistic approach to the definition of residue-free cleaning processes.

The focus is on the definition of “cleanability” of selected worst-case residues and the design of optimum cleaning processes.

deconex® CLEAN reviews your planned or existing cleaning processes professionally. The study demonstrates the benefits of the selected cleaning procedures in a  documented way. deconex® CLEAN forms the basis for your decisions regarding the selected validation process – as the results of the study enable the assessment and classification of potential risks. We are also conducting deconex® CLEAN for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and the medicinal products based on them now.



deconex® CLEAN and Quality by Design (QbD)

With deconex® CLEAN, we support you with the development and optimisation of cleaning processes that strictly confirm with the QbD guidelines.

In particular, we are using the TACT (temperature, action, concentration, time) process parameters. In this way, a stable and robust process specification is defined, and an effective cleaning process is therefore established. Our deconex® CLEAN laboratory study is therefore a development study within the QbD process.



The advantages of deconex® CLEAN are clear

Make use of your competitive advantage!
Our expertise, comprehensive process understanding, extensive practical experience and the best documented approach give you a head start.

deconex® CLEAN

- meets the requirements of the latest regulations
- is the basis for your cleaning process
- is the basis for your cleaning validation
- leads to better internal understanding of cleaning processes
- forms part of risk management for validated cleaning procedures
- incorporates quality in cleaning processes
- defines the key influencing factors
- leads to savings in terms of time and resources, and so to a cost reduction, through optimum processes
- indicates potential simplification of many often unnecessary individual cleaning processes
- forms a robust knowledge base for simplified implementation in practice



Discover more about deconex® CLEAN

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Or watch the LSC-Film.
Flyer: deconex CLEAN - Evaluation and definition of optimum cleaning processes

„Going big!“ - from laboratory scale to practical application

Our laboratory results can often be rapidly and effectively applied in practice.
Naturally, we also support you with upscaling
- outside of your production with our partners
- as part of FAT with the equipment manufacturers selected by you
- directly at your premises




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