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Medical Applications (Instrument reprocessing, surface disinfection, hand disinfection)

Cleanliness and hygiene in the clinical setting
Cleanliness and hygiene are vitally important in all health-care facilities because people are especially prone to infection when they are ill and hospitalized. The transmission of infectious diseases can be prevented through appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices in the context of a comprehensive hygienic concept.
Demonstrable performance
At Borer Chemie AG, the development of cleaning and disinfecting agents for clinical use involves thorough testing to establish performance, effectiveness and material compatibility. We work closely with certified testing labs and medical manufacturers to keep our products up to current market standards. Third-party tests are supplemented with proprietary test methods. Our performance claims are always based on experimental evidence. As a result, you can rely on our products for every application.
Support and advice - our strengths
Development and optimization of cleaning processes, water and surface analyses as well as validation, training on products and applications, support with type tests and process validation.

Product data sheets

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